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My name is Grace Adeyemi, I live in Nigeria, West Africa. Christian, Wife, and Homeschool teacher to my daughter. I am married to a preacher, enjoying serving the Lord with my husband.

My daughter was attending a Christian school before we moved to another city to plant a church, and we decided to enroll our daughter in a private school closer to the house for easy accessibility. We couldn’t find a Christian around for her to attend.

We changed our mind about going to that school, when the school was celebrating their end of the year, there was a music being played, and the children started dancing to the ungodly music. You would agree with me that children do not know better, therefore it is better to protect them from those ungodly environments that do not aid learning.

And also she does not eat her food when she goes to school until she comes back home around 3:45pm, and she leaves 8:00am in the morning. We could not handle the situation again, and we then decided to start homeschooling. Not many believe in homeschooling in Nigeria, but we believe that it is our parental responsibility to teach our children in the right. God is not going to hold the teachers, Sunday workers, and lesson workers acountable, but the parents.