Why Homeschool in Africa

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Many Africans have been criticized while they are involved in homeschooling, and the question has been asked several times, why are you homeschooling your children in Africa? Why not let the Americans do the homeschooling.
My responses to the question will be outlined in this little article. And I want to you to feel free add your own personal response to this article in the comment below.

  1. We are Responsible for our own kids.
    It is not about western thing, nor white people thing, but it is a personal thing. They do not have control over your family neither do you control their family. The only person that is more important in this decision is your spouse, and once your spouse agrees with you, you are free to do it. You can respond to them in a very gracious way by telling them that it is a personal decision, and therefore we are responsible for our kids, and Bible also supports.
  2. Our School System is Broken
    I am a Christian, and I have standards and convictions, and that is exactly what I want to plant into the lives of my children. Our school system in Africa is changing drastically. Recently South Africa country started the teaching of sex education starting from 4th grade. I believe that parents are responsible to teach their kids when it comes to a sensitive subject like that.
  3. Bully is Real.
    When it comes to bullies, it’s in Africa than any other continent in the world. You either stand up and protect your children’s spirit or damage it. Schools have messed up so many kids.
  4. Sexual Abuse is Rampart.
    Teachers abusing students sexually is common in Africa. Most teachers do not get prosecuted when caught unlike other countries. That is why I need to shelter my kids from this evil done. These kids are powerless, and they do not have any courage to stand against all these atrocities being thrown their path.

Homeschool works well in Africa if you see the reason to help your kids.

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